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The Loel - 次氯酸粉2g 獨立衛生包裝 (日本精純原料)  Hypochlorous Acid Powder 2g (1pc)
The Loel - 次氯酸粉2g 獨立衛生包裝 (日本精純原料)  Hypochlorous Acid Powder 2g (1pc)
The Loel - 次氯酸粉2g 獨立衛生包裝 (日本精純原料)  Hypochlorous Acid Powder 2g (1pc)
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The Loel - 次氯酸粉2g 獨立衛生包裝 (日本精純原料) Hypochlorous Acid Powder 2g (1pc)

The Loel

抗疫新方法: 次氯酸粉自製消毒水, 環保又便宜!!
- SGS殺菌99.9%認證
- 新一代除菌產品, 自制消毒殺菌水
- 只需加入自來水, 更環保, 殺菌率更強, 次氯酸水的除臭力強
- 多種濃度, 切合不同所需
- 安全, 消毒水會還原成水
- 粉末設計易溶於水,保存期長
- 輕巧方便好攜帶
- 採用台灣製滅菌袋,有刻度離心管包裝



詳細介紹 : 

一包2g次氯酸粉, 可以製造多種不同濃度消毒水 (1cc=1ml):
1.親膚模式(50ppm): 兌水8000ml
2. 家事模式(100ppm) : 兌水4000ml
3. 高效模式(200ppm) : 兌水2000ml
4. 其他用途:
用於洗衣消毒, 每次用量0.1g左右,先直接放入洗衣機,再放衣服,可根據不同消毒情況再調整分量。


※ 兌水後,效能(PPM)會隨時間下降。建議客戶只拿需要的用量來兌水.
- 建議使用不透光塑膠瓶裝,最佳使用期約一個月。
- 透光塑膠瓶也可使用,存放時間較短,最佳使用期約一星期。
- 不鏽鋼瓶也可使用,但鋁製噴瓶較不建議,如果時間久了較易腐蝕。
※ 請使用自來水, 不要使用熱水. 如想快速溶入水中,可使用40度以下溫水.
※ 如出現沉澱物,仍水中礦物質形成,屬正常情況,使用溫水可減少水中礦物質形成.


-次氯酸和次氯酸鹽的特徵是可以氧化,分解,破壞細菌細胞膜中的蛋白質或抑制蛋白質的合成,從而達到有效的殺菌和殺滅病毒的作用。 次氯酸在水中的穩定有效性,且同時照顧居家的除臭需求,次氯酸的除臭力&殺菌力強,且過一陣子會逐漸還原成水,安心又經濟。

規格 :
原料:99.9%為HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid)
①粉狀: 3年 ;
②兌水後: 有效約1星期。建議客戶只拿需要的用量來兌水。
①粉狀: 陰涼乾燥處,避免高溫,高濕或陽光直射 ;
②兌水後: 建議使用不透光塑膠瓶裝,可存放約一個月, 常溫保管, 避免陽光照射.
一包: 13.5 x 9 cm

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※ Effectively kills 99.9% harmful bacteria, including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus
※ A new generation of sterilization products, self-made disinfection water
※Just add tap water, more eco-friendly, stronger sterilization rate & Deodorizing power
※ Various concentrations to meet different needs
※ The powder design is easily soluble in water, has a longer shelf life.
※ GMP certified factory production and packaging

Anti-epidemic new method: Hypochlorite powder made sterilizing water, environmental protection and cheap !!
※ Freshly made, the stability and effectiveness of hypochlorite in water, and at the same time taking care of the deodorization needs of the home, hypochlorite has a strong deodorizing power & bactericidal power, and after a while Will gradually reduce to salt, water, peace of mind and economy.

A pack of 2g hypochlorous acid powder can produce a variety of different concentrations of disinfectant (1cc=1ml):
1. Skin-friendly mode (50ppm): add water 8000ml
Used for hand, pet sterilization, dishes, vegetables and fruits, etc.
(If it is easy to be sensitive, it should be used with caution or a small amount of trial)
2. Housework mode (100ppm) : add water 4000ml
Used in general furniture, floors, door handles, etc.
3. High-efficiency mode (200ppm): add water 2000ml
Used in pet odors, mold breeding places, epidemic prevention cleaning, etc.
4. Other uses:
For laundry disinfection, the dosage is about 0.1g each time. Put it directly into the washing machine first, and then put the clothes. The weight can be adjusted according to different disinfection conditions.
For clothes that are easy to decolorize, it is recommended to add water first and then put them in the washing machine to avoid direct contact of hypochlorous acid powder with clothes that are easy to decolorize for a long time.

※ After adding water, the potency (PPM) will decrease with time. It is recommended that customers only take the required amount to mix with water.
- It is recommended to use opaque plastic bottles, the best use period is about one month.
- Translucent plastic bottles can also be used, the storage time is short, and the best use period is about one week.
- Stainless steel bottles can also be used, but aluminum spray bottles are not recommended because they tend to corrode over time.
※ Please use tap water, do not use hot water. If you want to dissolve in water quickly, you can use warm water below 40 degrees.
※ If there is sediment, the minerals in the water are still formed, which is a normal situation. The use of warm water can reduce the formation of minerals in the water.

[Common Q & A]
◆ What is hypochlorous acid?
-The characteristic of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite is that it can oxidize, decompose, destroy proteins in the cell membrane of bacteria or inhibit protein synthesis, so as to achieve efficient sterilization and virus killing effects. 

Specification :
Product: Hypochlorous acid powder 2g
Raw material: 99.9% is HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid)
Period of use:
①Powder: 3 years;
②After adding water: Effective for about 1 week. It is recommended that customers only take the amount they need to mix with water.
Storage method:
①Powder: cool and dry place, avoid high temperature, high humidity or direct sunlight;
②After adding water: It is recommended to use opaque plastic bottles, which can be stored for about a month, at room temperature, and avoid sunlight.
Place of Origin: Made in Japan (packaged in Taiwan)
1 pack: 13.5 x 9 cm

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