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About Us


THE LOEL is a well-known manufacturer and seller of smart home appliances in Korea. As early as 2003, it began to produce and sell the first series of smart home appliances in Korea - smart vacuum cleaners. It has won the reputation of No. 1 sales in Korea for many years in a row.


In 2008 started overseas sales, and set up branches in Europe, America, Japan and other places.

It also entered the Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan markets in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Its innovative and stable quality of "Korean brand, made in Korea" had received enthusiastical responses from consumers over the world.


In 2014, it began to develop other electrical appliances brands and series, including smart vacuum cleaners, dust mite removers, etc.

Since then, it had won 7 CES Innovation Awards, and more than 21 products had won awards.

In 2014, it won a total of 5 product innovation awards. Including one of the world's three major design awards, "Germany Red Dot Design Award", "Spark International Design Award", Korea GOOD DESIGN Award, etc.


In 2015, it began to sell "Hypochlorous Acid Water Maker", becoming the first factory in Korea to produce and sell such products.

In 2016, it began to sell air purifier, intelligent monitoring robots and other products.


In 2017, in order to provide products with more favorable prices for consumers, a production line was set up in China, and some electrical components were shipped to China for assembly. The MONEUAL P10 smart vacuum cleaner became the first "Designed in Korea, Assembled in China" product. The smart vacuum cleaner has been produced to the 10th generation in 2017.


In 2018, it started exporting the series of daily necessities other markets outside of Korea.

Introduced Korea's "Catchmop - Magic Mop Series" and "Camilulu - Electric Warming Pad Series" for sale in Hong Kong and other places.

The Catchmop "Special Barbed Patent Cleaning Mops" became the talk of the town everywhere.


In 2019, the "THE LOEL vitamin C filter" series will be launched. Includes faucet filters, showerhead filters, bath filters and more.

At the same time, it also launched the first air purification function smart vacuum cleaner - MONEUAL P11 and got a number of patented technologies.


In 2020, it developed more types of household products, clothing & leather care series, natural handmade soap and high-end towels, etc. Started to introduce Korean food and export it to regions outside of Korea. Including "100% Natural Korean Freeze-Dried Fruit Series", "Natural Fruit Tea Series", etc.

Moreover, a home appliance production line was established in Taiwan to produce the first series of "MADE IN TAIWAN" electric heaters. At the same time, hypochlorous acid powder made in Japan is also launched and packaged in Taiwan, providing new and effective choices to consumers in need of disinfection product, i.e. The CareSoo hypochlorous acid powder during the severe epidemic.

Also, began to cooperate with Hong Kong factories to produce and sell 90-day aged beef and 7-day aged pork with "Dry Aging" technology in the same year.

Although it is a very serious year of the COVID epidemic. Thanks to the support of customers over the world, THE LOEL will also be able to develop and grow rapidly as planned in 2020.


In 2021, it was a great honor for the "CATCHMOP Magic Mop Series" to be selected as the most recommended cleaning mops by the "TVB Scoop" program and a special episode was produced.

In the second half of 2021, the Korean patented technology "Miracle Cookware Series" and "Humidifier" were launched.


In 2022, introduced of food-grade Korean "Premium Silicone Kitchen Utensils and Supplies",

launched Korean beauty products in the second half of the year - "Herbal Shampoo Series", "Natural Moroccan Hair Oil"

After years of hard work, in 2022, it finally obtained the cooperation agreement of the Korean Government Agricultural Cooperative, and obtained the authorization of " HANSAMIN " to sell "Korean Ginseng" in China. Many private companies in Korea produce ginseng products, but the quality is very unstable. " HANSAMIN " is the only Korean government brand, with high and assured quality, which can said to be the standard of Korean ginseng.


Entering 2023, it has obtained the Hong Kong government's license for the wholesale and retail of Chinese herbal medicines, and officially sells "HANSAMIN" products. All employees of THE LOEL are full of expectations for 2023!!  Quality Life, Vision for Future!!


Our Service :

THE LOEL has a professional team of designers, engineers, and production plants.
With about 20 years of rich experience, we provide high-quality products and services, including OEM, ODM, wholesale, retail, research and development of new products, and establishment of factory production lines.
We are seeking more opportunities for international cooperation, please feel free to contact us.

Contact number : (852)3153-2570
Email : info@theloel.com 

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