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The Loel - 多功能殺菌次氯酸水HOCl Sterilization Water 200ppm (300ml)

The Loel - 多功能殺菌次氯酸水HOCl Sterilization Water 200ppm (300ml)

The Loel

抗疫新方法: 多功能次氯酸消毒水, 全方位消毒殺菌!
※新一代除菌產品, 殺菌率更強, 除臭力更強
※可用於多種環境, 切合不同所需
※安全, 可靠,會還原成水
※可另購次氯酸粉補充裝, 易溶於水,保存期長

此產品為次氯酸水 200ppm (300ml) 1支裝

Q & A
與#K clean 全方位抗菌液 / #dettol滴露消毒噴霧等產品有不同嗎?


-次氯酸和次氯酸鹽的特徵是可以氧化,分解,破壞細菌細胞膜中的蛋白質或抑制蛋白質的合成,從而達到有效的殺菌和殺滅病毒的作用。 次氯酸在水中的穩定有效性,且同時照顧居家的除臭需求,次氯酸的除臭力&殺菌力強,且過一陣子會逐漸還原成水,安心又經濟。

詳細介紹 : 
產品:The Loel 多功能殺菌次氯酸水 200ppm (300ml)
原料:Sodium dichloroisocyanurate、純水
瓶底直徑 : 50mm
總高 : 238mm

備注: 所有圖片及資料只供作參考,產品圖片及描述與實物或有區別,產品外觀及細節均以實物及代理商提供為準。資料如有更改,恕不另行通知.

Multi-functional hypochlorous acid disinfection water, all-round disinfection and sterilization!
- SGS sterilization 99.9% certification
- A new generation of sterilization products with stronger sterilization rate and strong deodorizing power of hypochlorous acid water
- Can be used in a variety of environments to meet different needs
- Safe, disinfectant water will be reverted to water
- Special technology spray head made in Japan, with wide atomization area and smaller spray water molecules
- Hypochlorous acid powder refills can be purchased separately, which are easily soluble in water and have a long shelf life
- Can be used as a refill for the nebulizer gun

This product includes hypochlorous acid water 200ppm (300ml) 1pcs

Can be used for multi-purpose disinfection and cleaning:
Disinfect hands, food, kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, general furniture, floor, doorknob, mold breeding place, epidemic prevention cleaning, etc.

【Common Q&A】
◆What is HOCl?
- The characteristics of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite are that they can oxidize, decompose, destroy proteins in bacterial cell membranes or inhibit protein synthesis, so as to achieve effective sterilization and virus killing. Hypochlorous acid is stable and effective in water, and at the same time takes care of home deodorization needs. Hypochlorous acid has strong deodorizing and sterilizing power, and will gradually return to water after a while, which is safe and economical.

Product: The Loel Multifunctional Sterilizing HOCl Water 200ppm (300ml)
Raw materials: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, pure water
Origin of raw materials: Japan
Production Date:shown on the bottle
Expiry Date :12 months from production date
Bottom diameter: 50mm
Overall height: 238mm

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