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The Loel - TLV-400 維他命C沐浴過濾器(薰衣草精油)(1過濾器+1濾芯) Vitamin C Bath Filter (Lavender Essential Oil) (1Body+1Filter)

The Loel - TLV-400 維他命C沐浴過濾器(薰衣草精油)(1過濾器+1濾芯) Vitamin C Bath Filter (Lavender Essential Oil) (1Body+1Filter)

The Loel
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2.過濾5 µm以上鐵鏽和雜質
4.維他命C滋潤肌膚和頭髮, 減少敏感

※1年保養, 不包括濾芯

品牌: The Loel
型號: TLV-400
產品組成: 過濾器外殼 x 1 , 濾芯 x 1
重量: 177g
產品尺寸: Ф49 x 總長143mm ; 濾芯 - 高 99 X 外徑37 (mm)
顏色: 紫色(薰衣草精油)
材質: 外殼(TRITAN),濾蓋(SILICON),防漏圈(NBR,SILICON),維他命C容器、濾 芯(PP)
產地: 韓國
工作水壓 : 1~5 kgf/cm2
※1年保養, 不包括濾芯

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1. Replaceable filter element, more environmentally friendly and affordable
2. Filter rust and impurities above 5 µm
3.100% removal of residual chlorine
4. Vitamin C moisturizes skin and hair and reduces sensitivity
5. Lavender essential oil aromatherapy effect, relieve tension.
6. Easy to install, easy to replace the core
7. Transparent shell design, monitor the filter at any time

※1 year warranty, excluding filter
Brand: The Loel
Model: TLV-400
Product composition: filter housing x 1, filter x 1
Weight: 163g
Product size: Ф49 x total length 143mm; filter element-height 99 X outer diameter 37 (mm)
Color: Purple(Lavender Essential Oil)
Material: shell (TRITAN), filter cover (SILICON), leak-proof ring (NBR, SILICON), vitamin C container, filter element (PP)
Origin: South Korea
Applicable water temperature: 5~50°C
Working water pressure: 1~5 kgf/cm2
※1 year warranty, excluding filter

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