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The Loel - TLV-200 韓國維他命C除氯 花灑頭過濾器 基本裝 Vitamin C Shower Head Basic Set
The Loel - TLV-200 韓國維他命C除氯 花灑頭過濾器 基本裝 Vitamin C Shower Head Basic Set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, The Loel - TLV-200 韓國維他命C除氯 花灑頭過濾器 基本裝 Vitamin C Shower Head Basic Set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, The Loel - TLV-200 韓國維他命C除氯 花灑頭過濾器 基本裝 Vitamin C Shower Head Basic Set

The Loel - TLV-200 韓國維他命C除氯 花灑頭過濾器 基本裝 Vitamin C Shower Head Basic Set

The Loel
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-對孕婦、嬰孩 友善產品系列
-特殊抗菌球, 抗菌除臭,99.9%除菌認證
-維C滋潤肌膚和頭髮, 減少敏感
-美國NSF水安全認證 & RoHS無有害物質認證

增壓節水版,不適合出水感應裝置較敏感的熱水器(因增壓時,會自動調節減少出水量) 或 高水壓家中使用, 請選用TLV100普通水壓版,或TLV200多洞版

多洞版配有6圈出水板,如對比增壓正規版(4圈出水板,314個洞),6圈出水板會較多出水洞(600個洞)、出水量增加、更能疏通水壓。如水壓持續過大的家庭,請先調低水壓後使用。適合水壓較強家庭,或原本用TLV200 正規版(4圈出水板)時感覺痛(水壓過大)的家庭。

※1年保養, 不包括濾芯
*有效期: 無限期

詳細介紹 :

品牌: The Loel
型號: TLV-200 / TLV200-MH
產品組成: 花灑頭主體 x 1 , 濾芯 x 1
重量: 主體230g ; 濾芯60g
產品尺寸: 頭Ф100 x 總長250mm ; 濾芯 - 高 128X 外徑26 (mm)
顏色: 白
材質: 主體(PCTG) ; 灑水板(不繡鋼) ; 濾芯 (PP, 維他命C)
產地: 韓國
TLV200常規版工作水壓 : 4~5 L/min
TLV200-MH多洞版工作水壓 : 4~9 L/min
※1年保養, 不包括濾芯

備注: 所有圖片及資料只供作參考,產品圖片及描述與實物或有區別,產品外觀及細節均以實物及代理商提供為準。資料如有更改,恕不另行通知

-Korea’s patented technology for integrated vitamin C composite filter
-Product series friendly to pregnant women and babies
-Vitamin C is extracted and produced from fruits, vegetables and plants
-Special antibacterial balls, antibacterial and deodorizing, 99.9% sterilization certification
-Vitamin C moisturizes skin and hair and reduces sensitivity
-The transparent handle allows you to see the water quality and filter element
-100% chlorine removal certification from the Korean Environment and Water Agency (EWWI),
-WAA Hypoallergenic Certification (World Association of Allergy)
-Filter out contaminants such as rust, water and impurities above 5µm
-No fragrance, chemical additives, no preservatives
-US NSF Water Safety Certification & RoHS No Hazardous Substances Certification
-Passed safety test certification for 59 hazardous substances (KOTITI)
-Passed non-irritating clinical test (Korea KIDS Research Institute)
-Passed skin improvement clinical test (Korea KIDS Research Institute)
-Certified to generate more than 400,000 negative ions per 1CC of water
-GMP quality certification, US FDA, South Korea KC safety certification

**Regular version
The pressurized water-saving version is not suitable for water heaters with sensitive water sensor devices (because when pressurized, it will automatically adjust to reduce the water output) or for home use with high water pressure. Please choose the TLV100 ordinary water pressure version or the TLV200 multi-hole version.

**Multi-hole version
The only difference between the TLV200 multi-hole version and the TLV200 regular version is the water outlet plate, and the other configurations are exactly the same.
The multi-hole version is equipped with a 6-circle water outlet plate. Compared with the supercharged regular version (4 circles of water outlet plates, 314 holes), the 6-circle water outlet plate has more water outlet holes (600 holes), increases the water output, and can better dredge water. pressure. If the water pressure continues to be too high in a household, please lower the water pressure before use. It is suitable for families with strong water pressure, or families that originally felt pain (excessive water pressure) when using the TLV200 regular version (4-circle water outlet plate).

※1 year warranty, does not include filter


Brand: The Loel
Model: TLV-200 / TLV200-MH
Product composition: single mode shower head body x 1 , filter x 1
Weight: main body 230g; filter cartridge 60g
Product size: head Ф100 x total length 250mm; filter -height 128 x outerФ26 (mm)
Color: white
Material: HEAD :ABS ,Antibacterial ball / Body (PCTG) ; water plate (stainless steel) / filter (PP, vitamin C)
Origin: South Korea
Applicable water temperature: 5 ~ 50 ° C
TLV200 : 4~5 L/min
TLV200-MH : 4~9 L/min
※1 year warranty, not include filter

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