The Loel -  (2pcs) 多功能殺菌次氯酸水 Multifunctional sterilizing Hypochlorous acid water 200ppm (300ml)

The Loel - (2pcs) 多功能殺菌次氯酸水 Multifunctional sterilizing Hypochlorous acid water 200ppm (300ml)

The Loel
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抗疫新方法: 多功能次氯酸消毒水, 全方位消毒殺菌!
※新一代除菌產品, 殺菌率更強, 除臭力更強
※可用於多種環境, 切合不同所需
※安全, 可靠,會還原成水
※可另購次氯酸粉補充裝, 易溶於水,保存期長

此產品為次氯酸水 200ppm (300ml) 2支裝

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與#K clean 全方位抗菌液 / #dettol滴露消毒噴霧等產品有不同嗎?

詳細介紹 :
產品:The Loel 多功能殺菌次氯酸水 200ppm (300ml) 2支裝
原料:Sodium dichloroisocyanurate、純水

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New anti-epidemic method: multi-functional hypochlorous acid disinfection water, all-round disinfection and sterilization!

※SGS sterilization 99.9% certification
※A new generation of sterilization products with stronger sterilization rate and strong deodorizing power of HOCL water
※Can be used in a variety of environments, to meet different needs
※Safe, disinfectant water will be restored to water

This product includes hypochlorous acid water 200ppm (300ml) 2pcs

Product: The Loel HOCl Sterilization Water 200ppm (300ml) 2pcs
Raw material: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, pure water
Origin of raw materials: Japan
Production Date:shown on the bottle
Expiry Date :12 months from production date

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