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The Loel - 韓國30cm強化玻璃鍋蓋 Korea 30cm Tempered Glass Lid (1pc)

The Loel - 韓國30cm強化玻璃鍋蓋 Korea 30cm Tempered Glass Lid (1pc)

The Loel
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-使用強化玻璃, 耐高溫, 不易損毀


品牌 : The Loel
產品名稱:30cm 強化玻璃鍋蓋
系列:適用於Miracle Silvat系列30cm廚具
尺寸:30 (煲蓋口) x 30(長) x 4.5(高) cm

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-Made in Korea
-Use strengthened tempered glass, high temperature resistance, not easy to damage
-Relief hole


Brand: The Loel
Product name: 30 cm Tempered Glass Lid / Cover (1pc)
Series: For Miracle Silvat Series 30cm Cookware
Size: 30 (pot mouth) x 30 (length) x 4.5(height) cm
Weight: 0.85 kg
Material: Tempered glass, bakelite
Origin: South Korea

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