The Loel - 韓國維他命C 除氯水龍頭濾水器 (水龍頭1個, 濾芯7個) Korea Vitamin-C Faucet Water Filter Popular Set (1 shower head & 7 filter)

The Loel - 韓國維他命C 除氯水龍頭濾水器 (水龍頭1個, 濾芯7個) Korea Vitamin-C Faucet Water Filter Popular Set (1 shower head & 7 filter)

The Loel
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韓國直送 浴室洗手盤過濾 100%除餘氯

1. 韓國專利一體式維他命C複合濾芯
2. 已獲100%除氯認證
3. 濾除5µmc以上鏽水及雜質
4. 易安裝,易更換濾沁
5. 維C滋潤肌膚和頭髮, 減少敏感
6. 純維他命C, 不含香料添加物
7. 微細出水板提供細緻強力的水壓
包括 : 水龍頭外殼1個, 濾芯7個, 常規連接部件6個, 標準專用扳手 1個.

※1年保養, 不包括濾芯

**注意: 購買前, 請先確認轉接頭尺寸是否合適


品牌: The Loel​型號: Vita-Popular-pack
包裝: 水龍頭外殼1個, 濾芯7個, 連接部件6個, 標準專用扳手1個
重量: 約300克
產品尺寸: 高 36 X 外徑53(mm) ; 濾芯 - 高 22 X 外徑42 (mm)
顏色: 白
材質: 透明PETG, ABS ; 濾芯 - PP, 維他命C
產地: 韓國

- 啡黃色染色物是維他命C。白色濾芯上如出現維他命C屬正常情況。
- 此產品適用於洗手間的水龍頭,購買前, 請先確認轉接頭尺寸是否合適。如需安裝在其他地方,也請先行量度尺寸。
-最好的保存新濾芯方法是在有包裝狀態下, 存放-5℃的冰箱中及避免接觸其他食物介質。
-請定期更換濾芯。 (一般建議濾芯使用1~2個月後更換, 根據地區水質差異有所不同。若明顯看出濾芯太髒或蓮蓬頭出水量突然變小時, 請更換濾芯。)

客服售後問題, 請直接致電3153-2570, 更快速有效地解決問題!

備注: 所有圖片及資料只供作參考,產品圖片及描述與實物或有區別,產品外觀及細節均以實物及代理商提供為準。資料如有更改,恕不另行通知。

 1. Korean patent vitamin C composite filter
2. 100% chlorine removal certification
3. Filter out rust water and impurities above 5μm.
4. Easy to install, easy to replace filter
5. Good for skin and hair
6. Powerful water pressure design, saving water cost
Includes: Head shell part 1p, Filter 7p, conventional adapter 6p, special wrench 1p

※1 year warranty, not include filter.

**Remarks: Before order, please confirm the adapter size is suitable.

Brand: The Loel
Model: Vita-Popular-pack
Includes: 1 head, 7 filters, 6 connection parts, 1 special wrench
Weight: about 300 grams
Product size: Filter - H22 x outer diameter 42 (mm)
Color: white
Material: Filter - PP, Vitamin C
Place of origin: South Korea
Recommended to use water temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius


- The brown-yellow stain is vitamin C. It is normal for vitamin C to appear on white filters.
- This product is suitable for faucets in the bathroom, before purchasing, please confirm the adapter size is suitable. If you need to install it elsewhere, please measure the size first.
-The best way to preserve the new filter is to store it in a packed container at -5 ° C and avoid contact with other food media.
- Please replace the filter element regularly. (It is generally recommended to replace the filter element after 1~2 months, depending on the water quality of the area. If it is obvious that the filter element is too dirty or the water output of the shower head suddenly becomes small, please replace the filter element.)

Customer Service after sales, please call 3153-2570 directly, can solve problems faster and more efficiently!
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