Catchmop - 廚房抹布 (1入裝) Kitchen Mop (1p)
Catchmop - 廚房抹布 (1入裝) Kitchen Mop (1p)
Catchmop - 廚房抹布 (1入裝) Kitchen Mop (1p)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Catchmop - 廚房抹布 (1入裝) Kitchen Mop (1p)

Catchmop - 廚房抹布 (1入裝) Kitchen Mop (1p)

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家居清潔神器, 韓國, 日本, 台灣, 美歐, 俄羅斯等地熱賣中

- 專利新概念環保倒勾清潔抹布, 由高精度複合面料DUO-FECT®製成
- 輕鬆抓住縫隙間的微小灰塵, 削屑
- 容易清洗,乾濕兩用不須清潔劑也可擦拭汙垢
-可搭配少量清潔劑,加倍清潔, 對抗硬化的灰塵,水垢,焦油
- 20,000次耐用測試,吸水力強,省錢,省時,省力又環保!!


韓國CatchMop倒勾專利神奇抹布 家居清潔必備!
一試難忘, 心動不已 . 韓國製造

擁有DUO-FECT® 全球獨有專利技術,容易清洗,只使用清水也能完全去除髒汙。



材質:聚酯纖維 90%,尼龍 10%
尺寸:160 x 175mm

4.請在陰涼處晾乾,不要熨燙乾洗。 (脫水後, 將拖把布兩側稍微拉一下以防止收縮)。

備注: 所有圖片及資料只供作參考,產品圖片及描述與實物或有區別,產品外觀及細節均以實物及代理商提供為準。資料如有更改,恕不另行

Home Cleaning Artifacts, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the US & Europe, Russia etc, hot selling.

- Patented barb Mop, made of high precision composite fabric DUO-FECT®
- Easily grasp the tiny dust between the gaps, shavings.
- Easy to clean, remove dirt with water.
- Used with a small amount of detergent to clean against hardened dust, scale, tar
- 20,000 durability tests, high water absorption. Save money, time & effort. Environmental-friendly!

Korea CatchMop Inverted-hook Patent Magic Mop, Home Cleaning Essential!
Easy, Effortless Cleaning! Made In Korea.

Catchmop is a Korean patented product made of high-precision composite fabric with ultra-fine fiber and special barb design.
It has DUO-FECT's unique patented technology all over the world.
It is easy to clean and can completely remove dirt even with clear water.
It can clean the stubborn, hardened dust, scale, tar, etc.

It can be cleaned with a single rub, saving time and effort, but if it is very dirty, it can also be used together with detergent to achieve better the cleaning effect.

Product Details:
Product: Kitchen Mop 1P
Brand: CatchMop
Material: Polyester 90%, Nylon 10%
Size:160 x 175mm
Origin: South Korea


1. Please wash with below 40°C water.
2. Do not wash with Chlorine-containing bleach, and wash separately.
3. Do not boil the mop, keep away from fire.
4. Please dry in the shade area, do not iron and dry clean. (After dehydration, pull the sides of the mop pad slightly to prevent shrinkage).

Remarks: All pictures and materials are for reference only. The product pictures and descriptions are different from the actual ones. The appearance and details of the products are subject to the actual products and agents. Information is subject to change without notice.