Catchmop - 好評推薦組 Good-Review Set

Catchmop - 好評推薦組 Good-Review Set

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居清潔神器, 韓國, 日本, 台灣, 美歐, 俄羅斯等地熱賣中


好評推薦組合包括: 多用途海綿1P、廚房抹布1P、玻璃抹布1P、手套布1P  *送多用途抹布1P





好評推薦組包括: 多用途海綿1P、廚房抹布1P、玻璃抹布1P、手套布1P *送多用途抹布1P

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Home Cleaning Artifacts, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the US & Europe, Russia etc, hot selling.
★ Korean patent barb technology
★Easy to grasp the fine dust in the gap
★ Strong detergency and water absorption
★20,000 wear test
★ Easy to clean

Good Review Set includes: Multipurpose Sponge 1P , Kitchen 1P, Window 1P, Hand mop 1P. * Free Multipurpose Mop 1P

CatchMop is a Korean patented product made of high-precision composite fabric with microfiber and special undercut design.

With DUO-FECT's unique patented technology worldwide, it is easy to clean, and it can completely remove dirt with only water.

Save money, save time, effort and environmental protection!!

It can clean the stubborn and hardened dust, scale and tar without the need of cleaning agent. It can be cleaned with a single rub and can penetrate into the gap.
However, if the stain is very serious, it can also be used together with a small amount of detergent to achieve a better cleaning effect.

Good-Review Set: Multipurpose Sponge 1P , Kitchen 1P, Window 1P, Hand mop 1P. * Free Multipurpose Mop 1P

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