Winix 活性碳/HEPA 二合一濾網

Winix 活性碳/HEPA 二合一濾網

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Winix 活性碳/HEPA 二合一濾網 (AW600適用)

  1. 二合一的濾網, 方便又能有效過濾空氣。
  2. 前: 活性碳除臭濾網, 能去除家居的各種異味, 如煙味、垃圾臭味、廁所和寵物異味等。
  3. 後: 抗菌HEPA過濾網, 能過濾微細的粉塵, 有害的病毒, 霉菌, 蟎蟲屍體, 過敏原等。

**建議每12個月內更換一次。 (根據使用環境狀況, 可使用的次數和時間會有所差異)


Winix Activated carbon / HEPA 2-in-1 filter (Suitable for AW600)

  1. The 2-in-1 filter is convenient and effective for filtering air.

  2. Front: Activated carbon deodorizing filter, can remove all kinds of odors in the home, such as smoke, garbage smell, toilet and pet odor.
  4. Back: Antibacterial HEPA filter, can filter fine dust, harmful viruses, mold, mites, allergens, etc.

  5. **Recommended every 12 months. (The number and time of use may vary depending on the usage environment)